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Atom Communications - Winner of the NavMan Award for Best Customer Service Atom Communications - Winner of the NavMan Award for Best Customer Service


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Atom Communications - Winner of the NavMan Award for Best Customer Service



Tracking systems…….10 reasons to buy
1. Complete Visibility over Your Fleet
Tracking systems such as plant, fleet and some lone worker systems allow you to view both your vehicles or employees locations and movements in real time. Tracking features such as street level mapping and satellite views (aerial photography) make pin pointing your assets fast and easy. Knowing your asset’s exact location keeps you informed of their progress and performance throughout the day and helps you to react faster to any customer requests or queries.
2. Reduce Fuel & Wage Costs
Fuel and wages are usually some of the highest costs incurred by businesses. Tracking systems provide the insight businesses need to reduce fuel wasting activity including excessive engine idling and speeding as well as other inefficient driving behaviours. Using a tracking system to monitor the routes employees take to reach destinations can generate further fuel savings as can ensuring that employees are not using their company’s vehicles for non-authorised out of hours and private mileage. It is not uncommon for businesses to save as much as 15% on fuel costs by installing a tracking system.
Tracking systems are also able to produce automated Timesheet & Mileage reports. These reports provide savings through eliminating the inaccuracies and abuse that can occur in employee’s overtime and mileage expenses claims.
3. Increase Productivity
Tracking systems significantly boost the productivity of drivers, mobile workers and office teams. Employees who are aware that their activity and performance is being monitored tend to be more productive and tracking systems provide feedback that provides managers with the insight to be able to make efficiencies that will increase the driver’s and the company’s productivity. Tracking systems also help reduce the level of communication that is required between the office and mobile worker s meaning that they spend less time on the phone and are responding to customer’s queries considerably faster.
4. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
The environment is a hot topic at the moment and businesses are keen to demonstration to their customers, through their marketing campaigns, the steps they have taken to ‘Go Green’ and reduce their carbon footprint. Tracking systems help businesses to reduce their fleet’s carbon output through improving fuel and route efficiency, which can be monitored and measured in the detailed reports that are provided with these systems.
5. Increase the Security of Your Vehicles & Employees
Stolen vehicle tracking systems are specifically designed to protect vehicles against theft and ensure that when a vehicle is stolen it can be quickly recovered. Fleet tracking also increases a vehicles security and, as with stolen vehicle tracking, can attract insurance premium discounts.
Protecting staff is important to any employer but especially for those whose employees work in high risk environments or job roles. Lone worker and fleet tracking allow you to monitor the status of your staff and provide them with a means to raise a discreet alert should they find themselves in any danger.
6. Motivate and Manage Employees
Tracking can be used as a powerful motivational tool to improve the performance and productivity of staff. Drivers that are performing well in terms of efficiency, productivity and responsible driving receive the recognition they deserve as tracking actually serves to acknowledge hard work and good performance, as well as providing information regarding under performing employees and the ways in which they can improve their performance.
Lone worker tracking provides employees that work in solitary or high risk environments with more confidence as they can quickly alert their employer if they are in distress.
7. Provide Better Customer Service
Businesses are commonly judged by the quality of customer service they provide. Tracking systems can help businesses to improve their customer service as office staff can proactively keep customers informed if a vehicle has been delayed on route as well as allow staff to respond to customer’s ETA queries much faster.
Office teams can also have complete visibility of their company vehicle’s real time location which means that can quickly identify which vehicle is best suited to attend a job, providing the customer with an immediate answer and efficient service.
8. Improve Bad Driving Habits
Bad driving habits including speeding, aggressive acceleration, cornering and harsh braking waste fuel, increase vehicle wear and tear and can earn your company a bad reputation if witnessed by other road users. Tracking systems are able to keep you updated on instances of bad driving behaviour, in the form of reports and real time alerts, which helps you to not only save money and maintain your company’s good reputation but also to increase the safety of your drivers.
9. Compliance with Tax, Health & Safety & Duty of Care Legislation
Changes made in recent years to Health & Safety legislation and the Corporate Manslaughter Act means it is essential for businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles or have employees in a lone working role to review their health and safety policy and carry out the necessary risk assessments.
Tracking systems help businesses to comply with these laws as employers can demonstrate that they are taking reasonable steps to protect their staff, for example: making sure that their drivers take the legally required rest breaks when driving for long periods.
Tracking also helps employers to demonstrate to tax authorities that their vehicles are only being used for business purposes as these system monitor vehicles 24/7.
10. Reduce Customer and Staff Disputes
Tracking systems monitor and record the date, time of arrival/departure and duration of each site visited which means that you can confidently settle any dispute concerning the time of arrival or duration of visit with customers and employees. Using a tracking system in this way helps save money through as you are able to overcome customer invoice disputes and staff attendance issues.